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Auempron Sripoowong

Arts on fabrics :
the one and only incomparable value in the world

All artistic works on cloth, especially different styles of weaving, have been generated by folk wisdom, with an inspiration to lighten up the idea of preserving local weaving techniques in communities.  Amalgamation of weaving art with cultural believes of the people brings to several styles and patterns of weaving with astonishing colorful masterpieces.  Skillful and unique textile design on weaving cloth not only shows the uniqueness of each cloth, but also expresses the culture and the social environment of the weavers.  With the presentation of color and pattern using in each weaving, reflects the folk wisdom of people in individual communities, which leads to the sustainable job creation and development of the societies.

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2019 Colour of life Collection

            All-Season style has arrived on the relaxed duration.  The start of 2019 brings a fresh new elegance from Sun Handicraft.  The Colour of life Collection (Designs by Auemporn Sri) showcases Thai hand-woven fabrics that are well-worn throughout the year.

          The Colour of life collection includes scarves, shawls and fabrics for sewing from a wide selection of designs.